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Also called labor, delivery, birth, partus, or parturition, it is the final stage of pregnancy in which one or more newborn infants are expulsed from a woman's uterus. Normal childbirth process consists of three stages: the shortening and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the infant, and birth of the placenta.

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中國濟南市婦產科醫院讓人們體會到這些感覺分娩而設立一個勞動痛苦經驗實驗室。提供電擊的男人來類比 10 個級別的疼痛,類似于婦女在收縮過程中的感覺腹部營地使用疼痛模擬器。 營的目標是創建意識和對育齡婦女的尊重。後許多女性患者抱怨其夥伴從來不理解他們的感受,提供了極大的同情,對他們,醫院想出了一種技術使准爸爸經歷分娩的痛苦。 醫院技術員管理只有一樣痛苦,他們期望志願者能夠應付。大多數志願者不能超過幾分 ...

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