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Educational toys

Terms that are in relation to toys that are used to increase the education of a child. Some toys have a main educational focus. For example, math or learning the alphabet. However, it can be argued that any toy can be an educational toy, depending if a child learns through the experience of the object's use.

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Educational toys


Toys and games; Educational toys

樂高是一家丹麥公司專業從事製作聯鎖的塑膠塊。本公司成立的名叫 Ole Kirk Christiansen 1949 年丹麥木匠。樂高玩具本身的名稱實際上被來自丹麥的短語"腿意指",這意味著"玩好"。 其實以前克利斯蒂安森開始生產塑膠塊,他開始與製作木制玩具在 1932 年,然後他更將業務擴展在 1934 年製作塑膠玩具。然後他出來與聯鎖塑膠塊 1949年的想法。 樂高集團 ' s ...

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