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Natural gas

Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarily of methane, with up to 20 % of other hydrocarbons as well as impurities in varying amounts such as carbon dioxide. Natural gas is widely used as an important energy source in many applications including heating buildings, generating electricity, providing heat and power to industry, as fuel for vehicles and as a chemical feedstock in the manufacture of products such as plastics and other commercially important organic chemicals.

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Natural gas

積極材料識別 (PMI)

Energy (non-renewable); Natural gas

一種方法互相核對一段材料,經常使用一種可擕式光譜儀,通常與 x 光片 (TN 9266,核分析儀) 或 (弧會見了 900,光分光計) 的焊接電弧的身份。

外螺紋科技軛 (OS 科技 Y)

Energy (non-renewable); Natural gas



Energy; Natural gas

灰色鑄鐵或含片狀碳的 _ %至 2 _ %範圍的鐵中的通用語。鑄鐵是脆,壓裂前展示很少的延展性。


Energy; Natural gas



Energy; Natural gas

由鏈輪、 鏈指南和固定的閘閥或截止閥 ; 手輪的鏈組成的程式集它用來操作開銷或 inaccessibly 安裝的閥門。大會是水準的其幹裝垂鏈。


Energy; Natural gas

一個具有破壞性的機械測試進行精確加工鋼要測試的優惠券。優惠券是夾在一台特別的機器中,遭受外側錘子的打擊。測試提供了相對的韌性鋼的措施或它的抗衝擊或撞擊檢查閥單向閥,是在一個方向流動的打開和關閉自動時流停止或是扭轉。 ...


Energy; Natural gas

在其身體 ; 有兩個單獨的座位曲面的閥門流控制元素時與這兩個席位閥門關閉。

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