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This game is a little like blackjack but instead of being the player itself, you'll be betting on the player or the dealer. You could also bet on a stand-off.

Domain: Gambling; Category: Casinos

Bingo is not hard to play either. It's simple; if the numbers called are yours, mark them on your cards. Press bingo if you have achieved the pattern or all of the numbers in your card have been ...

Domain: Games; Category: Bingo

The point of the game is to reach 21 without having to go overboard with the two or three cards handed to you.

Domain: Games; Category: Card games

Russian roulette but think French, this game is a nice alternative as the numbers are all single digits. This tells the players the plausibility of their bets happening.

Domain: Games; Category: Boardgames

Caribbean Stud is a kind of poker game that has you betting on the dealer instead of the players.

Domain: Games; Category: Poker

It is an online game that basically asks you to press the roll dice button and win if you get the highest score. The ultimate score is 10000. Six dice will be thrown and if you're not satisfied with ...

Domain: Games; Category: Computer games

A little like Bingo, Keno is played with a card of 80 numbers where you will mark 10 of these and you win depending on how many numbers you have bet on.

Domain: Games; Category: Card games

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